Zapier is a service that allows you to connect other web services and apps you use to create automated tasks and workflows. Using Zapier, you can send appointment information from Schedulista to another software when the appointment is booked.

You can read more on Zapier here.

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  • Terms used in Zapier

  • How does Schedulista connect through Zapier

  • Setting up a Schedulista trigger in Zapier

Terms used in Zapier

  • Zap - An automated workflow between apps in Zapier

  • Trigger - An event in an app that starts the zap

  • Action - An event in another app that completes the zap

  • Task - Each piece of data run through a zap

How does Schedulista connect through Zapier

Schedulista is not currently available as an app through Zapier.  We supply a webhook API that can trigger a zap using the Webhooks by Zapier app.

An application programming interface (API) allows two pieces of software to communicate with each other.

The webhook API must be enabled for your account to work. You can contact us at to request that your webhook API be enabled.

You can read more on the webhook API here.

Setting up a Schedulista trigger in Zapier

Once the webhook API is enabled for your account, you can set up Step 1 of your zap, the trigger, by doing the following:

(1) Create or sign into your Zapier account

(2) Click the Make a Zap! button on your dashboard

(3) Choose Webhooks from the Built-In Apps section

(4) Select Catch Hook, the click Continue

(5) Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the webhook URL in the field

(6) In another tab or window, sign into your Schedulista account and go to the Business Details settings page

(7) Under the Webhook section, paste the Zapier webhook URL in the URL field

(8) Click Save

(9) Book a test appointment through your Schedulista scheduler

  • Use the Preview Scheduler option from your dashboard; or

  • Use your scheduling page; or

  • Use the scheduler embedded on your website

(10) Back in Zapier, click the OK, I did this button to run a test of the webhook

You should receive the Test Successful screen.  If not, click back on each step of the trigger to set again.

Your trigger should now be set.  Click Continue and follow through the next steps to set the Action for your zap to connect Schedulista to the app you want.

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