Setting up Mailchimp sync

Sync your client list to a Mailchimp mailing list for email marketing

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Schedulista integration with the Mailchimp email marketing service allows you to easily send bulk or mass emails to your clients, as well as individual and timed emails.


Setting up your Mailchimp account first

(1) Sign up for your Mailchimp account here

As of September 2022, Mailchimp is free if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have up to 500 clients ("contacts")

  • Send no more than 2500 emails per month (500 emails daily limit)

Learn more about the features of the free account and compare to Mailchimp's paid services here.

(3) Once you've created your audience, you'll need to generate your API key.

An application programming interface (API) allows software to 
communicate with other software. An API key is a unique identifier
that tells either software which specific account they are working

 You can read more on generating an API key from Mailchimp here.

Sync set-up

Our integration with Mailchimp allows you to sync your Schedulista client list with a single mailing list on your Mailchimp account.

(1) On the web app: Go to Settings > Email Marketing via Mailchimp

Note: You can also click on the gear icon in the upper right on the Clients tab, and then select Sync with MailChimp from the menu

On the mobile app (version 7.3 or above): Tap on Email Marketing via Mailchimp under the Connect section on the Settings tab

(2) Enter your Mailchimp API key in the field

(3) Click or tap Connect

Note: If you have multiple Schedulista business accounts, you can 
connect to the same Mailchimp account using the same API key on
multiple business accounts.

(4) From the Choose List drop-down menu, select the audience from your Mailchimp account you want to sync

Note: Only one audience can be synced to a Schedulista business 
account at one time. If you have multiple Schedulista business
accounts, you can connect to the same audience on multiple accounts.

(5) Select which type of sync you'd like:

  • Two-way sync to and from Mailchimp

  • One-way sync (import) from Mailchimp

  • One-way sync (export) to Mailchimp

Note: Syncing to and from Mailchimp or just importing from Mailchimp 
will automatically create client records for Mailchimp contacts that
don't already have a Schedulista client record associated with their
email address.

(6) (optional) Check the box next to Keep up to date to have the sync run automatically each night (recommended)

The sync will automatically occur every day at around 10pm your time to update any changes, additions, and deletions for that day.

If the Keep up to date box is not checked, the sync will not automatically occur. You would need to manually push a sync.

(7) On the web app: Click Save

On the mobile app: Tap Save, then tap Done on the top right to return to the Settings tab

You can also manually push a sync if you need to update information immediately.

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