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Schedulista offers integration with social media to make it easier for your clients to find and book with you online. The Instagram mobile app offers "action buttons" you can add to an Instagram business profile to allow your clients to take actions right from your profile page.

Adding a Book Now action button allows clients to schedule appointments from your Instagram business profile using the Instagram app on their mobile phones.

Is a Book Now button the right option for me?

The Book Now button is only available for use within the Instagram mobile app. The button will not appear on your business profile on the web (e.g. if a client is using a computer, tablet, or web browser to view your Instagram profile).

For this reason, you might want to include a booking link in your profile in addition to the Book Now button (or maybe instead of the Book Now button). 



The Book Now button requires a Facebook/Meta business account. This includes a Facebook business page, a Facebook/Meta Ads account, and a Facebook/Meta Pixel to track conversions through ads.

While connecting your Schedulista account to the Book Now button, Instagram will ask you to select the Facebook/Meta business page, Ads account, and Pixel associated with the login email address for your Instagram account. If you do not have these setup yet, it will ask you to create a business account for this purpose.

Changing the associated Facebook/Meta business account

If you need to change the Facebook/Meta business account associated with your login email address after it has been selected, you will need to contact Meta support for assistance. To contact Meta support, visit your business account through the Meta Business Suite manager here:

Click Help on the bottom left of the page. Select Help from the menu that appears. A new panel will appear on the right side of the page. Click the Contact support team button in the panel to send a message to support through Facebook/Meta Messenger.

Another helpful tool might be the Facebook Ads Manager. Click here for general assistance on Facebook/Meta advertising.

Note: If your Instagram business profile is associated with your Facebook/Meta business account, it will auto connect to the Instagram profile as well when setting up the Book Now button on a Facebook business page. This will still require you to add/select the Book Now button on your Instagram profile.

Add a Book Now button

(1) Start the Instagram app on your phone

(2) Make sure you are on your Instagram business profile 

If you need to switch profiles, tap on the profile icon in the lower right. On the profile page, tap on your username to switch accounts.

If you need to convert your profile to a business profile, you can read more here.

(3) Tap on your profile icon on the lower right

Image points to the profile icon on the Instagram mobile app

(4) On the profile page, tap the Edit Profile button

(5) On the Edit Profile page, scroll down to the Public Business Information section and tap Action Buttons

(6) On the Action Buttons page, tap Book Now

(7) Select Schedulista from the list of partners

(8) Sign into your Schedulista account

Note: Sign In with Google option

The Sign In with Google option will not work to connect your Schedulista account to the Book Now button in Instagram. You'll need to use Schedulista-specific email and password credentials to sign in.

If you don't have these for your account, tap the Forgot password link on the Schedulista login page on the web app or the mobile app.

(If you are already signed into your account, you'll need to sign out. On the web app, click on your name on the top right and select Sign out from the menu. On the mobile app, on the Settings tab scroll down to the bottom and tap the red Sign Out link.)

Enter your Gmail address when it asks for your account login email address. An email will be sent to your Gmail account with a link to click to set/reset your Schedulista-specific password. This will not affect the password you use for your Google/Gmail account.

(If you don't find the email in your inbox, make sure to check the junk/spam folder or do a search for "Schedulista account password reset" in email to locate it.)

Once the password is set, you'll be able to sign in using the Email and Password fields (instead of the Sign In with Google option) to connect the button.

You will still be able to use Google Sign-In for your account on and the Schedulista mobile app.

(9) On the Connect to Instagram page, tap the blue Continue as... button

(10) Confirm your Facebook/Meta business account settings that will integrate with your connected Instagram account. You can tap on a setting (Ad Account, Facebook Page, Facebook Pixel) to change it, if you need. When done, click the blue Continue button.

You Schedulista account should now connect to Instagram and take you back to the Action Buttons page with a pop message about the button being added to your profile.

The page will now show an Active on Profile setting with the Book Now button selected. Below the Book Now setting, you should see Schedulista listed.

What clients see

Clients will now be able to tap the Book Now button on your profile to access your scheduler to book their appointments.

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