Schedulista offers 24-hour availability for scheduling.  If your account does not have this ability, please contact us at

24-hour availability allows you to offer appointment times at any time through the day. It also offers the ability to schedule appointments for services with multi-day durations and to set overnight work hours.

Contents in this article:

  • Setting 24-hour availability
  • Multi-day services

Setting 24-hour availability

(1) Go to Calendar

(2) Click the gear icon in the upper right

(3) Select Work Hours... from the drop down menu

(4) In the Work Hours dialog, set your start time for each day at 12:00 am

(5) Set your end time for each day at 12:00 am

Note: Scroll to the bottom of the end times list for 12:00 am

(6) Click Save

Multi-day services

Once you make full days available, you can create services that are available for multiple days.

You can read more on how to set multi-day durations here.

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