Appointments on Google Calendar can be set to one of two statuses:

  • Available - This status allows you to schedule other appointments or events during the same time as your appointment
  • Busy - This status makes you unavailable during your appointment

When you create a Google appointment, make sure it is set to "Busy" status so that the time will also be blocked out in Schedulista with the Google Calendar sync.

Updating existing appointments

You can change the status of an existing appointment by editing the appointment ("event") on your Google Calendar and updating the "Show me as" section near the bottom of the event page.

How Google Calendar appointments appear in Schedulista

Google Calendar appointments appear in gray on your Schedulista calendar. 

Appointments set to "Busy" status have a solid border.

Appointments that are set to "Available" status have a dashed border. This signifies that the time is not actually blocked out and clients could potentially book a Schedulista appointment during the same time.

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