Clients are required to enter their email address and phone number when scheduling online through Schedulista.  All clients who schedule online will receive an appointment confirmation and an appointment reminder by email.

Clients also have the option to receive text (SMS) reminders.  We always send two (2) text reminders for each appointment, if a client opts to receive them.

If you are setting an appointment for a client directly on your calendar, they will also be sent the confirmation and reminder emails if their email address is on their client record.  With their permission, you can also opt for clients to receive text reminders for the appointments you set.  Learn more here.

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The emails offer the basic information for a client's appointment, including the service, the provider (if selected), and the date & time of their appointment.

You can add a custom message to the emails to include additional information about the service or your business.

Appointment confirmation

A client will receive an appointment confirmation by email within minutes of scheduling online.

Appointment reminder

A handy reminder email is sent to the client 48 hours before their appointment to keep them aware of their upcoming appointment.

You can adjust when this email is sent in the Appointment Reminders section on your Communications settings page.

Text (SMS) reminders

The text (SMS) reminders offer a quick, simple notification for clients on the go.  The single text includes your business name, the date & time of the appointment, and a link to full appointment details.

Note: The text cannot be customized, but any custom message set for the confirmation & reminder emails will appear on the full appointment details linked.

Appointment reminder #1

This first reminder is sent at the same time as the reminder email.

Appointment reminder #2

This "last minute" reminder is sent the same day as the appointment.  When they schedule, clients can select to receive this reminder 1, 2, or 3 hours prior to their appointment.

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