You can view past and future appointments, as well as search for a specific appointment, in the Appointment Report.

Running an appointment report

(1) Click the Home tab

(2) Click the View all appointments link in the Appointments panel or in the Per Provider Reports panel (for multi-user accounts)

Note: If you are an administrator on a multi-user account, you can click the "View all my appointments" link in the My Appointments panel to view only your own appointments.

To run reports for one of the other users on the account, click the user in the Per Provider Reports panel. Then, click the "View all my appointments" link on the users My Appointments panel.

(3) Using the search bar, you can view reports based on specific criteria such as provider, client, or service.

(4) You can select from past, future, or all appointments.

(5) Click the gear icon to print the report or export it to a file.

Exporting appointment information to CSV file

You can export your past, future, or all appointment information into a CSV (comma separated values) file to store with your records or use with other software.

CSV is a common file format that is supported by many different software.

The fields/columns provided in the export are: appointment time, appointment duration, provider name, service name, client name, client email, client phone number, service price, and any appointment notes. Separate columns for any custom fields you add to your account will also be included.

Export options

  • Export all - Creates a report of all appointments on file, past and upcoming.
  • Export past - Creates a report of all past appointments.
  • Export future - Creates a report of all upcoming appointments.
  • Export selection - Creates a report of all filtered appointments returned in a search.

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