You can set up multiple Schedulista business accounts. This is useful for situations like the following:

  • Businesses with multiple locations and multiple employees at each location
  • Businesses with locations in different cities, states, provinces, countries, or time zones
  • Businesses offering different services at multiple locations
  • Two or more independent businesses where you want to keep the services you offer separate from each other

Users who have access to multiple accounts can easily switch between them without having to sign out of one and sign into another.

Adding an additional business account

You can sign up for another business account here:

(1) Fill out the form like creating an account for the first time. Just remember to use the same email and password as your primary account.

(2) When prompted, click "Create New Business"

Switching between business accounts

In Schedulista you can move between accounts by

(1) Clicking on your name at the top right of the screen, and then

(2) Selecting the business you would like to switch to from the menu

Account users on multiple business accounts

Any users can belong to multiple Schedulista business accounts. Just add them as a user on another account with their same login email address. They'll be able to sign in and switch between accounts, as well.

You can set different levels of access for a user on each business account.

Public scheduling pages and embedded schedulers

Each business account that you create will have its own standalone scheduler. You can direct clients to the public scheduling page for the scheduler by using the "Schedule Now" button or page link. (e.g., "" or "")

You can also embed the separate schedulers on different pages of your business website. (Or different sites if you are managing two or more independent businesses.)

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