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Unblocking a client for scheduling online
Unblocking a client for scheduling online

Allowing a blocked client to schedule online in Schedulista again

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Schedulista provides online appointment scheduling for your business to allow your clients to book with you 24/7. You define your list of services, your availability, your appointment times, and your scheduling policies so that clients can book when you want to be available to offer services.

You may have needed to block a client from booking appointments through your online scheduler. You can unblock the client to allow them to book with you online again.

Unblocking a client

Unblocking a client can currently only be done through the web app.

(1) Go to Clients

(2) Scroll to locate the client record or Search for the client record. You can search by first name, last name, email address, or phone number.

(3) Click the edit button next to the listing for the client record to view the full record details

(4) On the Edit Client dialog, click the Unblock link next to the red Client blocked message

(5) In the Confirm Unblock dialog, click Yes

(6) Back on the Edit Client dialog, you should now see the Block online booking link where the red Client blocked message was located

(7) Click Save to save and close the client record

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