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Blocking a client from scheduling online
Blocking a client from scheduling online

Prevent a client from booking with your business in Schedulista

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Schedulista provides online appointment scheduling for your business to allow your clients to book with you 24/7. You define your list of services, your availability, your appointment times, and your scheduling policies so that clients can book when you want to be available to offer services.

A situation may arise where you need to prevent a client from further booking with you online. You can block the client's email address.

You can also block a client through the web app at


Blocking a client

Blocking a client prevents the client from booking an appointment using the email address associated with that client record.

(1) Go to Clients

(2) Scroll to locate the client record or Search for the client record. You can search by first name, last name, email address, or phone number.

(3) Click the edit button next to the listing for the client record to view the full record details

(4) On the Edit Client dialog, click the Block online booking link

(5) In the Confirm Block dialog, click Yes

(6) Back on the Edit Client dialog, you should now see a red Client blocked message where the Block online booking link was located

(7) Click Save to save and close the client record

What a blocked client will see in the online scheduler

When a blocked client attempts to book an appointment in the online scheduler, they will be able to select a service, a provider (if more than one provider offers a service), a date & time for an appointment, and to fill in the booking form.

When they click the Schedule Appointment button, they will receive a message letting them know that they are prevented from booking appointments. The appointment will not be booked.

Setting an appointment for a blocked client

When setting an appointment for a client directly on your calendar, any blocked clients will have a red No/Do Not symbol (a red circle with a slash) icon next to their name in your search results when adding a client to the appointment.

You can still select the blocked client to add to the appointment. You can also save the appointment, if you want to set the appointment for the client. Otherwise, you can inform the client you will not be accepting any appointments from them.

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