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Pushing a Mailchimp sync

Immediately sync Schedulista and Mailchimp to update information

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Schedulista integration with the Mailchimp email marketing service allows you to easily send bulk or mass emails to your clients, as well as individual and timed emails.

Our integration with Mailchimp allows you to sync your Schedulista client list with a single mailing list on your Mailchimp account.

Once the sync is setup, it will automatically occur every day at around 10pm your time to update any changes, additions, and deletions for that day.

If you need to update information in the sync immediately, you can manually push a sync.

Push a Mailchimp sync

(1) Go to Settings > Email Marketing; or

Note: You can also click on the gear icon in the upper right on the Clients tab, and then select Sync with MailChimp from the menu

(2) Click the Sync Now button

The sync can take a few minutes depending on how large are your Schedulista client list and your Mailchimp mailing list.  Click the Refresh button if the sync appears to have stalled.

Completed sync time stamp

Beside the Sync Now button, you will see the time stamp of the most recently completed sync.

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