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About Mailchimp Integration with Schedulista
About Mailchimp Integration with Schedulista

How to send a bulk / mass email to clients

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Schedulista provides online appointment scheduling software for your business or organization to allow your clients to book with you 24/7. We offer a number of integrations with other software and services to aid with your business.

Our integration with the Mailchimp email marketing service allows you to easily send bulk or mass emails to your clients, as well as individual and timed emails.

Benefits of Mailchimp integration

  • Send newsletters, promotions, event or business notifications, timed follow-up emails, or other marketing messages

  • Automatically updates a mailing list with any changes from your client list daily

  • Multiple plans to change and grow with your business as your marketing plans evolve

This is an overview of the Mailchimp integration. Check the More information section below for instructions on setting up the sync.

Schedulista sends automated emails directly to clients for the following: appointment confirmations and reminders, cancellation or reschedule notifications, optional automated follow-up emails.

You cannot currently email clients directly through Schedulista. Clicking on a client's email address on the web or tapping the Email button on the client record in the mobile app will open and use your default email program and/or service to send an individual email.

You can also directly email clients through Mailchimp.


What Mailchimp offers

The Mailchimp service allows you to curate a mailing list to send various emails to individuals, groups, or your entire client base. You'll be able to track your campaigns, as well as set up automated workflows to simplify your operations.

As of December 2023, Mailchimp offers a Free Plan with the follow features:

  • Up to 500 contacts*

  • Up to 1,000 email sends per month with a 500 email daily send limit†

  • 8 marketing channels: Email, Landing Pages, Shoppable Landing Pages, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Social Media Posting, Postcards, Popup Forms, Marketing Calendar

  • Marketing CRM

  • 1 audience (a mailing list)

  • Basic email templates

  • Single-step email automations

  • Surveys

  • Your own Mailchimp website

  • Basic reporting

* You can archive contacts in Mailchimp to reduce your active number of contacts to 500 or below.

Email sending will be paused if contact or email send limit is exceeded.

If you need additional features, such as nurture or drip email campaigns that allow you to send multiple follow-up emails over time, Mailchimp offers various monthly subscription plans (compare plans here) or a Pay As You Go credit program.

The Mailchimp sync

Our integration with Mailchimp allows you to sync your Schedulista client list with a single mailing list on your Mailchimp account.

The sync will automatically occur every day at around 10pm your time to update any changes, additions, and deletions for that day.  You can also manually push a sync at any time if you need to immediately update information.

The sync can be set in three options:

  • Sync to and from Mailchimp - This two-way sync shares information both ways from Schedulista to Mailchimp and from Mailchimp to Schedulista

  • Import from Mailchimp - This one-way sync shares information only from Mailchimp to your Schedulista client list

  • Export to Mailchimp - This one-way sync shares information only from Schedulista to your Mailchimp mailing list 

What is shared in the sync

We share the following information from Schedulista:

  • Client's first name

  • Client's last name

  • Client's email address

  • Last appointment date & time

  • Next appointment date & time

  • Client's total appointment count

  • Grouped listing of all services client has booked

Mailchimp will share a contact's first and last name and their email address with Schedulista.  If a client record for the email address doesn't currently exist in Schedulista, a new record will be created during the two-way sync or the one-way sync from Mailchimp.

More information

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