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How can I email a client or bulk / mass email my clients in Schedulista?
How can I email a client or bulk / mass email my clients in Schedulista?

Using our Mailchimp integration to contact clients directly

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You are not able to contact clients directly through Schedulista. However, our integration with Mailchimp can help.

The automated email service we provide is for appointment confirmation and reminders, cancellation or rescheduling notifications, and automated follow-up emails after an appointment has been completed.

In the Schedulista mobile app, you can tap the Email button on a client record to send an email. This is not sent through Schedulista but rather uses the default email app on your phone.

Mailchimp integration

The Mailchimp email marketing service is designed to send bulk email. It's perfect to send clients things like newsletters, promotions, event or business notifications, or other messages or marketing emails.

Mailchimp allows you to set up automated workflows that trigger emails to be sent, as well as ongoing campaigns and quick email blasts. You can also send individualized emails through them as well.

Our integration syncs your Schedulista client list to a mailing list in Mailchimp. This is automatically updated daily each night to include the newest clients and latest changes to existing clients.

You can learn more on setting up the Mailchimp sync here.

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