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About Schedulista Subscriptions

All the basics about subscribing to Schedulista's services

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Schedulista is a paid subscription service. Subscriptions are month to month with no long-term contract. The service can be cancelled at any time.

Basics of Subscriptions

  • Flat rate with all features included*

  • Easy upgrade to add more users

  • Enterprise solutions for larger businesses

  • Subscription billing through Wix for businesses using a Wix website

* Availability of the automated text/SMS appointment reminders and the ability to take payments online via Stripe are limited by country. You can see if these features are available where you are located here.


Flat rate payment

Our pricing is simple! All features are included* in one flat rate. No tiers of service and no additional add-on costs for specific features. 

We charge based on the number of users on your account. A user is a staff member who has their own login and access, whether they have an active calendar or not. Providers are users with active calendars offering services to clients.

Single user

Offers a single login and single calendar, perfect for a single person business. If you're a single provider working at multiple locations, we offer a discount to keep you at the single provider monthly price.

As of October 2023, our price is $19.00 USD per month. Wix may charge different rates for subscriptions handled by Wix Billing at their own discretion.


For businesses with multiple providers, each user/provider has their own login and calendar. This plan allows 2-15 users ("staff") on the account for the same price.

As of October 2023, our price is $39.00 USD per month.


For businesses with more than 15 users, we can quote monthly subscription pricing based on the total number of users on the account. Contact us at to discuss further.

International subscriptions

Schedulista is a U.S.-based business. All subscription payments are charged in U.S. Dollar (USD). Any non-U.S. credit or debit cards will be charged in USD; the billing system and your bank or card issuer will automatically handle any currency conversion based on the exchange rate at the specific date and time of the charge.

Client payments via Stripe

Our integration with Stripe* to offer the ability to take payments from clients online is included at no additional charge by Schedulista. We do not take any amount from your client payments. Stripe does not charge any setup or monthly maintenance fees.

If you opt to sign up with Stripe, you are subject to any transactional fees Stripe charges for processing payments, refunds, chargebacks, and more. You can learn more on their fees here.

* Payment services with Stripe and text (SMS) appointment reminders are not available in every country. Check here to see if your country is supported.

Free trial

When you sign up for a Schedulista account, we provide a 15-day free trial with full access to all features of the software so that you can see how it will work for your business.  No credit card is required to start your trial.

There is no obligation to subscribe if you find Schedulista doesn't work for what you need. You can let the trial expire and you won't have to do anything further.

If you'd like to subscribe and you enter your billing information during the trial, we will wait until the end of the trial period to charge your card.

Wix customers

For Wix customers who upgrade their app during the trial, Wix Billing charges immediately and you will no longer be on trial. Wix Billing will handle your Schedulista subscription. For any questions on billing, you will need to contact Wix directly.

Payments & renewals

Payment is done by major credit or debit card. Once your billing information is entered, your account is set to automatically renew your subscription each month on the date you were first charged.

Payment is for the month ahead. You may cancel at any time. If cancelled, your subscription will remain active for the remainder of your currently paid subscription period.

Annual subscriptions

In certain circumstances, we may be able to charge a card on file for an annual subscription. We may also accept payment for an annual subscription through PayPal. Contact for further details.

Wix customers

For single user accounts where Wix handles the subscription billing, Wix offers an annual payment option that will automatically renew each year based on the date that you were first charged.

Declined payments

If a card payment is declined, you will be notified by email. You will be able to update the billing information on file, if necessary.

We will make further attempts to charge for the payment. If we are ultimately unable to charge for a payment, the subscription will lapse and the account will go inactive.

Lapsed subscription

When a subscription lapses, you can re-activate your subscription by enter billing information on the subscription page again. We maintain your account information for at least a year, so when you re-subscribe, you'll have access to everything again.

How to subscribe

You can easily subscribe and manage your billing information right through your account settings.

Wix customers

You can subscribe to our Schedulista Bookings app on the single user plan through Wix Billing. To subscribe, you can "upgrade" the app through your Wix dashboard or through your Wix site editor.

For multiple users, you can switch from Wix Billing to Schedulista billing for your subscription.

How to update billing or cancel

On the Subscription page in settings, you can update your billing information if you need to switch to a different card.

You can also cancel on the Subscription page. If you need to suspend your subscription for a short time, cancelling will work for you. We maintain your account information so it's available to you when you're ready to re-subscribe.

Wix customers

For single users who are subscribed through Wix Billing, you'll need to update or to cancel your subscription through your Wix account.

How to switch user pricing plans

Adding or removing users will automatically switch your account to the appropriate pricing plan.  As you pay for the month ahead, your account won't be charged for the new plan price until the next time your subscription is due to be renewed.

Invoices & receipts

Schedulista uses Stripe for our subscription billing. When a subscription renews each month, an email is sent by Stripe letting you know that the renewal payment was successful.

A PDF of an invoice for the payment and a PDF of a receipt for the payment are attached to the email.

The receipt emails are sent on the day of the renewal. If you don't see the email in your inbox, make sure to check the junk/spam folder or do a search in email for "Schedulista" or "Your receipt from Schedulista" to locate it.

If you are with a business that has an IT department that manages the mail server for the business, you might have them check to see if the emails were blocked at the server level if you are not able to find them on your account.

Please contact us at if you need further assistance.

Wix customers

For single user accounts where Wix is handling the subscription billing, Wix Billing may send you a receipt each month (or annually) via email. Otherwise, you can download receipts from the Billing History page on your Wix account.

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