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How do I subscribe to Schedulista?

Starting your monthly subscription

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Schedulista is a paid subscription service. Subscriptions are month to month with no long-term contract. The service can be cancelled at any time.

You can review our subscription pricing here.

Note for Wix users

For single users who found and created your Schedulista account through the Wix website builder service, Wix Billing will handle your subscription for convenience. You can subscribe through either your Wix site editor or your Wix dashboard.

For multi-user accounts: Wix Billing currently only supports single user subscriptions. For multiple users, you will need to switch to Schedulista-direct billing.


Subscribing to Schedulista

To continue after your 15-day free trial, you can easily subscribe right through your account settings. Schedulista accepts payment 

Note: If you enter your billing information to subscribe before your trial expires, we do not charge you until the trial ends. Wix users: Upgrading the Schedulista Bookings app to subscribe will charge you at the time you upgrade.

(1) On the web app: Go to Settings > Your Schedulista Subscription

On the mobile app (version 7.3 and above): Tap on Your Schedulista Subscription under the Configure section on the Settings tab

(2) Enter your billing information

(3) Click or tap Save

(4) When prompted, click OK to confirm your subscription

(5) On the mobile app, tap Done on the top of the page to return to the Settings tab


Schedulista subscriptions are month to month and you pay for the month ahead. Your subscription automatically renews each month based on the date that you were first charged. (e.g., if you are first charged on October 5, your subscription renews on the 5th of each month.)

You can review and update any billing information or cancel your subscription on the Your Schedulista Subscription settings page at any time.

Annual payments

For your convenience, we can charge the card on file for your subscription for an annual payment. This would be a one-time payment for 12 months and credit would be applied to your account to cover the subscription renewal each month. Currently, there is no discount for an annual payment. Contact us by phone, chat, or by email at to request an annual payment.

Note: Annual payments do not automatically renew as an annual payment. At the end of the 12 months, the system will automatically charge at the monthly rate. Contact us prior to the end of the annual paid period to request another annual payment for the next year. We also may contact you prior to end of the annual paid period to see if you'd like to renew for another year.

Wix users: Wix Billing offers a annual subscription option. This is designed to automatically renew each year based on the date that you were first charged. Wix may offer a discounted rate for an annual subscription at their discretion.

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