Your Schedulista calendar can sync with other calendars using an iCalendar (iCal) feed.

iCalendar is a computer file format used to share calendar information between applications. iCalendar is supported by a large number of products including Google, Yahoo, and other internet calendars; Microsoft Outlook; and Apple iCal for Macs or iPhones.

One-Way Sync

Sharing your calendar via an iCalendar feed is sometimes called "one-way" (or read-only) synchronization. Schedulista appointments can be shared with 3rd-party software, but not the other way around.

Note: This is different than the Google Calendar sync, which is a two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and Schedulista.

Sharing the Feed

Schedulista publishes an iCalendar feed for each service provider.

(1) Go to the Calendar tab

(2) Click on the gear icon in the upper right

(3) Select "Sync Calendar..." from the menu

(4) Under the iCal Feed heading, select the "On" radio button.

Note: You will see the iCalendar feed URL (highlighted below). You can either type this URL into your subscribing calendar or copy the URL into an e-mail and mail it to your device.

(5) Click "Save" to turn the feed on

Using your iCal feed to share your calendar with other calendar software

On iPhone or iPad

We have specific instructions for sharing your calendar with an iPhone or iPad.

On a Mac

Learn how to subscribe to your calendar with a Mac calendar here.

On Outlook

Learn how to subscribe to your calendar with Microsoft Outlook calendar here.


Learn how to subscribe to your calendar with web-based calendar here.

On Yahoo

Learn how to subscribe to your calendar with web-based Yahoo calendar here.

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