In addition to the time range and the names of the client and the service on the appointment blocks on your calendar, there are other handy symbols that quickly tell you information about an appointment at a glance.

Note Page

A small note page may appear in the upper right corner of the appointment block.

Any information entered into the Comments section of the scheduling details page will appear here in the Appointment Notes section.  You can also add notes to this section.

Hovering over an appointment block with the notes symbol allows you to view the n notes without having to open the appointment.

Gold Star (Asterisk)

On occasion, a gold star (or asterisk) will appear to the left of a client's name in the appointment block.  This signifies that the client is a new / first-time client.

Repeat Circle

When you set a repeating appointment, two arrows forming a small circle will appear in the upper right corner of the appointment block of every repeating instance of the appointment.

Slashed Repeat Circle

If you reschedule an instance of a repeating appointment, a slash will appear in the repeat circle in the upper right corner of the appointment block of that particular instance.


A fraction that appears to the left of the service name for a class signifies the max capacity of the class and the number of spots filled.  (e.g., 4/10 = 4 spots filled out of 10 max capacity)

Dollar Sign

If you have set up your account to take payments from clients through the online scheduler, a dollar sign ($) will appear in the upper right corner for any appointment where a client has paid.

The dollar sign represents all payments.  The symbol does not change to match your local currency.

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