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Why is a new user not receiving an invitation email?
Why is a new user not receiving an invitation email?

When users with previous accounts are added to a business

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When you add a new user to your account with a calendar or without a calendar, an invitation with a link to set their password for login will be sent to their email address. 

If a user does not receive an invitation and you do not see the pending invitation notification next to their account on your Users page, they may have had a previous Schedulista user account using the same email address.

The system will recognize their email address and the password they set for their previous account.  If they can't recall their password, they can click the Forgot your password link on the sign-in page to reset.

What happens when they sign in

When they sign in, they will be taken to their previous account. To switch to their current account, the user can click on their name in the upper right.

They can select the business for their new account from the bottom of the menu that appears.

Contact us at if the user would like to disable their previous account so that they only have one, or for any other questions or issues regarding a user with multiple user accounts.

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