You'll receive email notification whenever a client schedules, re-schedules, or cancels an appointment online.  For multi-user accounts, you'll also receive email notification when another user schedules an appointment directly on your calendar.

You can choose to receive text/SMS notification to your mobile phone, as well.

If you'd prefer to only receive text notifications and not the email notifications, you can follow these two steps: (1) turn off the email notifications; and (2) enable the text notifications.

Step 1 - Turn off email notifications

Note: On accounts with multiple users/providers, turning off notifications sent to the service provider will affect all users.

(1) Go to Settings > Communications

(2) Scroll down to the Business Appointment Notifications section

(3) Click the green Yes button next to Send notifications to the service provider to change it to No

(4) Click Save

Step 2 - Enable text notifications

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2) Click Edit next to your user account

(3) On the user details page, enter your mobile phone number in the Phone field under the Personal Details section

(4) Scroll down to the Receive Text (SMS) Updates section

(5) Click the No button to change it to a green Yes

(6) Choose the time range that you would like to receive texts

Note: You will be sent all texts, but this is to prevent you from receiving a text at 1am if a client was up and scheduled an appointment. You would receive it the next morning or day at the earliest time you set to receive texts.

(7) Click Save at the bottom of the page

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