Available in Schedulista mobile app version 7.0.1 and above

The Schedulista mobile app for iPhone and Android is a companion to your account to help manage your business on the go.

In addition to receiving push notifications to your phone through the mobile app whenever clients schedule or cancel an appointment or class booking online, you can also receive push reminders for your upcoming appointments and classes.

On a multi-user account, you can also receive push reminders for other providers, if you have access.

Benefits of push reminders

  • Be reminded on your mobile phone of an upcoming appointment 30 minutes prior to the appointment

  • Tap the push notification to open the mobile app to the appointment on your calendar to quickly view appointment information


What is a push reminder?

A push notification is a message sent from Schedulista to your mobile app that will pop up on your phone's home screen (and lock screen, depending on settings) to alert you when an appointment has been booked, cancelled, or rescheduled. The notification will appear in your notification center.

A push reminder will alert you 30 minutes prior to an upcoming appointment or class. You can tap on the reminder to open to the appointment on your calendar in the mobile app for more details.

In-app reminder pop-up toast

If you have the mobile app open, a push reminder will appear in a pop-up toast at the top of the app rather than in a push notification. You can tap on the pop-up toast to go directly to the appointment on your calendar.

Enabling provider push reminders

Images below: iPhone (left); Android (right)

(1) Open the Schedulista mobile app and sign in, if needed

(2) Tap on the Calendar Settings icon in the top left corner (on iPhone) or the top right corner near the Add Appointment plus (+) symbol (on Android)

(3) On the Calendar Settings page, tap the Reminders toggle to turn on

(4) Tap Done to save and return to the calendar

Receive push reminders for other providers

If you are on a multi-user account and have Administrator or Scheduler user access level, you will be able to receive push reminders for other providers on the account in addition to your own. Learn more on how to set this here.

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