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How can clients cancel an appointment online?
How can clients cancel an appointment online?
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With Schedulista, clients are able to cancel their appointments online through a link in their appointment confirmation and reminder emails.  The link will be active until the cutoff of your cancellation policy

Note: If you would prefer that clients contact you directly to cancel an appointment, you can set your cancellation policy to not allow clients to cancel online.

How clients cancel their appointment

(1) In the appointment confirmation and reminder emails clients receive, there is a link to cancel their appointment.

(2) The client then confirms their cancellation. They can add a message to explain, if they choose.

For clients with text (SMS) reminders

Clients can opt to receive text reminders in addition to their reminder email.  They will receive two; one sent the same time as the reminder email, and one the same day as their appointment.

In the text message is a link clients can tap to see a full detailed summary of their appointment.

The link to cancel their appointment is on the summary page. 

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