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How are clients refunded for cancelled appointments?
How are clients refunded for cancelled appointments?

Refunds through Stripe for appointments paid online through Schedulista

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Schedulista offers the ability to take payments through integration with Stripe. Once your Stripe account is setup and connected, you will be able to accept payments by credit and debit card when clients book online.

If a client cancels an appointment online, or your cancel an appointment for a client, they can be refunded their payment.

Notes on refunds

  • Like payments, refunds are handled by Stripe not by Schedulista. For specific questions on the refunds, you will need to contact Stripe support.

  • If the appointment is cancelled a day or two after it being scheduled, it's possible the payment is still in an authorized "pending" status. This means funds haven't transferred from the client's bank yet. Instead of a refund, the payment authorization will usually drop off of their card account within 1 to 2 days.

  • If the appointment is cancelled after the funds have transferred from the client's card account, refunds typically take 5-10 days to post back to the card account. This can take longer depending on the issuing bank of the client's card.

  • If a client asks about the status of their refund, you may be able to get an Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) or a System Trace Audit Number (STAN) from Stripe to help them trace the status of their refund.


Refunds for required payments

You can require clients to pay when they schedule through your online scheduler. For your convenience, if a client has paid for an appointment then cancels online, their payment will be refunded in full. This applies to a full service payment or deposit paid at the time they scheduled their appointment.

As a provider, if you cancel a paid appointment on your or another provider's calendar prior to the scheduled appointment time, it will also trigger a full automatic refund of the payment.

If an appointment is cancelled or deleted from a calendar after the start time of the appointment has passed, it will not trigger a refund. You would need to manually refund the client through your Stripe account if needed.

Schedulista does not offer a non-refundable payment option at this time. Contact our support team for assistance on how to handle non-refundable payments, if needed.

Refunds for credit card capture payments

If you've manually created a payment on a captured credit or debit card on file through Stripe, you will need to manually issue a refund through your Stripe account. Learn more on this here.

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