For your business, you might want to give clients the option to pay online or pay in person. To do this, you'll want to duplicate your existing service.

Creating a "cash only" or pay-in-person option

(1) Go to Settings > Services / Classes / Events 

(2) Click the down arrow to right of the service you wish to duplicate

(3) Select Copy from the menu

(4) On the service details page, change the Service Name to reflect that it is the cash only/pay-in-person option

(5) Scroll down to the Service Overrides section

(6) Click the radio button next to Override

(7) Select Don't ask for credit card from the drop-down menu

(7) Click Save at the bottom of the page

Now you can distinguish the two options on your Services list.

What clients see

On your services list in the scheduler, clients will see both services to make a choice why payment option they would prefer. If they select the main service, the credit card details fields will appear on the scheduling details form page.

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