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Does Schedulista charge for credit/debit card payments?
Does Schedulista charge for credit/debit card payments?

Is there a fee for client payments or does Schedulista take a percentage?

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Schedulista works with Stripe to offer you the ability to take payments from clients when they book appointments through the online scheduler.

There are two common questions associated with online payments:

  • Does Schedulista charge anything extra to take online payments by credit or debit card via Stripe?

  • Does Schedulista take any percentage of the online payment?

The answer to both questions is no.

Schedulista does not handle payment processing and never touches the funds from a client payment. Stripe handles all payment processing.

Stripe does charge a processing fee. See more below.

Schedulista relationship with Stripe

Stripe is a separate, third-party service. When you sign up with Stripe, you create a separate relationship.

While Schedulista integrates Stripe's services, we are otherwise unaffiliated with Stripe as a company. We can offer aid with the software integration of Stripe with Schedulista, but for your security, we are not able to speak with Stripe on any specifics of your Stripe account.

Stripe's Fees

As with all payment processors, Stripe charges a processing fee for each transaction. Stripe's fee is a flat rate specific to your location. Additional fees may be charged, including for things like payment via an international credit/debit card, instant payouts, automatic credit card expiration updates, and more.

You can see more on Stripe's fees here:

This fee is deducted from the funds of a client's payment before the funds are transferred to the bank account associated with your Stripe account.

Stripe does not charge any fees to set up a Stripe account, and they do not charge any monthly account maintenance fees. The only time Stripe charges is when a transaction is processed.

Note: If a client is refunded a payment, they are paid from the balance
of your Stripe account. This may require Stripe pulling funds back
from your associated bank account. The client is paid the full amount
of their original payment, and Stripe does not reimburse you for the
processing fee of the original transaction.

Required payments through the online scheduler or manual payments charged to cards on file on your Stripe accounts -- either through the Schedulista calendar or through your Stripe dashboard -- are charged Stripe's standard fees.

As of November 2022, in the United States and Canada, when a card is manually added to a Stripe customer record through your Stripe dashboard, a higher fee is charged when you create a charge on that card through your Stripe dashboard. More on that here.

For other questions related to Stripe's fees or specific payments on your Stripe account, please contact Stripe support.

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