Schedulista offers the ability to take payments through integration with Stripe. Once you've connected your existing Stripe account, you will be able to accept payments by credit and debit card when clients book online.

Payment options available

  • Require payment and capture card - Client's credit or debit card automatically charged when the appointment is booked. Card details are captured and stored on your Stripe account to aid in refunds, or you can manually charge the card on file if additional charges are needed.

  • Capture credit card - Client's credit or debit card is required to secure the appointment but client is not charged at that time. Card details are captured and stored on your Stripe account. You can manually charge the client's card on file for services at a later time, or charge them fees for violating your cancellation policy or no-shows, if necessary.

  • Don't ask for credit card - Will not ask clients for credit or debit card information to schedule their appointment

Note about existing Stripe accounts and multiple platforms

A Stripe login (email address and password) can have multiple Stripe accounts associated with it. Each Stripe account on a login can only be connected to a single platform (i.e., Schedulista, Shopify, Wix, etc.) at one time. If the Stripe account you want to connect to Schedulista is already connected to another platform, you'll either need to disconnect it from the other platform or create a new Stripe account on your same Stripe login.

You set up payments in three steps:

Step 1 - Connecting Schedulista with Stripe

Connect your existing Stripe account to your Schedulista account. If you don't have a Stripe account, you can follow the steps here to set one up and connect it.

(1) Go to Settings > Payments

(2) Click the Connect with Stripe button

(3) On the Stripe activation page, enter the email address you use for your Stripe account login. Then, click Continue

(4) Enter your Stripe password. Then, click Log in

(5) Select the Stripe account you want to connect to your Schedulista account. Then, click Connect

This will authorize Schedulista to access your Stripe account.

Account not listed

If you don't see the Stripe account you want to connect listed, this could be for a couple of reasons:

  • The Stripe account you want to connect is not associated with the email address with which you logged in. Click on the email address at the top and select Switch user to log in with a different email address.

  • You might see a notification that an account not listed "may be connected to another platform." If so, the account cannot be connected to Schedulista. You would need to disconnect the Stripe account from the other platform or create a new account on your Stripe login. Click the Create a new account button to go through that process and connect the new account to your Schedulista account.

Step 2 - Setting your global payment option

After you sign up with Stripe, you will be redirected back to the Payments settings page in Schedulista. Your Stripe account is now connected.

Basic information about your Stripe account will appear as a reference.

  • Your Stripe account name, based on your Schedulista scheduling page URL

  • Your Stripe account email, the email address you use to sign into your Stripe account dashboard

  • Your Stripe account ID, a number Stripe support can reference for your specific account

The next step is to select your default payment setting for all services.

Only one payment option can be set on a service at a time. All services will use the global payment setting for your account. However, you can also override the global payment setting to set a different payment option for a specific service.

(1) Select your payment setting:

  • Require payment and capture card

  • Capture credit card

  • Don't ask for credit card

(2) Click Save to enable your global payment setting

Note: 'Require payment and capture credit card' is the default 
setting. If you don't change this, the 'Save' button will remain faded
and unclickable. Once you change the payment option, the Save button
will become active.

Step 3 - Setting prices on services for required payments

Now you must set prices for your services to have the credit card field appear in the online scheduler when you require payment.

The credit card capture payment option does not require prices for your services, but you can add prices if you'd like.

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