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Getting Started Guide - Section 4: Client notifications
Getting Started Guide - Section 4: Client notifications

Appointment confirmations & reminders

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This guide walks you through managing and customizing the appointment confirmations and reminders sent to clients; creating automated follow-up emails; and how to integrate with Mailchimp to send bulk email blasts to your clients.


Client confirmation and reminder notifications

When clients book online, they are required to enter their email address and phone number. Schedulista automatically sends appointment confirmations and reminders to clients by email. Clients can also opt to receive text/SMS reminders while booking.

If you set an appointment for a client directly on your calendar and their client record has an email address, they will be sent the confirmation and reminder emails. You can also opt them in to receive text/SMS reminders for the appointments you set, if they agree.

A custom message can be added to the confirmation and reminder emails for all services or by specific service on the Confirmations, Reminders, Notifications settings page. The custom message will also appear on an appointment summary page clients can access through the text/SMS reminders.

You can read more on the specific confirmations and reminders sent and when they are sent here.

Automatic follow-up emails

You can send automated follow-up emails to thank clients and encourage them to schedule their next appointment. You can also paste links into the emails for third-party services like customer reviews.

Click here for more information.

Sending bulk emails to clients

More information: How can I send bulk email?

Our integration with the email marketing service Mailchimp allows you to easily send bulk or mass emails to your clients.

Syncing your client list to a Mailchimp mailing list, you'll be able to send clients newsletters, promotions, event or business notifications, or other messages or marketing emails. 

Read more about setting up the sync here.

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