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This guide walks you through personalizing your public scheduling page, and the options to add a button or link to your page to your own website. Also, how to embed the scheduler widget on your own site. And setting up the ability to take payments online.

Contents in this article:

  • Scheduling page or embedded scheduler

  • Designing your scheduling page

  • Adding a button or link to your website

  • Adding Schedulista to your website

  • Payments & credit card capture

Scheduling page or embedded scheduler

We'll use Rocket Salon, one of our demo businesses, as an example.


Also known as your public scheduling page, this is the personalized web page where clients go to book with you. This simple page is great if you don't have your own website or prefer to not have scheduling directly on your site.

You can find the URL (web address) to your scheduler on the Let clients know settings page.

Scheduling page example:

Scheduler widget

You can embed the scheduler on your own website so that clients don't have to go anywhere else to schedule. This seamlessly blends in with your business branding.

Embedded scheduler example:

Designing your scheduling page 

More information: Setting your scheduler

On the Scheduler (design) settings page, you can adjust the color of the links (accent color) used on the page to match your business. Otherwise, the colors, fonts, and layout of the page cannot be adjusted.

You can add a logo & photos to your scheduler on the Scheduler settings page. On the Language tab of the Scheduler settings page, you can change the language of your online scheduler, and you can customize the headers and the booking button of your scheduler.

More information: How should I add scheduling to my website?

You can direct clients to your scheduling page by adding a Schedule Now button or link to your website. 

Adding Schedulista to your website

More information: Should I embed the scheduler on my site? and Embedding the scheduler widget

You can embed your scheduler directly onto your website using HTML code. You can find the HTML code for the scheduler widget on the Add to your website page in your settings. Click here for more information.


For those using WordPress, we offer a plugin that may work for your site. The plugin allows you to add the scheduler widget using WP shortcode instead of the full HTML code.

Wix or Weebly

We also provide pre-built scheduler apps through the Wix and Weebly website building services.

Please note that if you embed the scheduler into your website, we remove the logo, business name, statement, and any photos added as we assume that you already have these items on your website. 

Payments & credit card capture

More information: Payments & credit card capture

Schedulista integrates with Stripe payment processing to offer the ability to take online credit & debit card payments as well as capture credit cards.

(Credit card capture allows you to require clients to enter card details to secure their appointment and charge them at a later date. This can be used to charge a late cancellation or no-show fee.)

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