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Add online scheduling to your Shopify site
Add online scheduling to your Shopify site

Embed the online scheduler on your Shopify online store site

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It's easy to embed your online scheduler into a Shopify online store site as a widget.ย 

If you're not using Shopify for your website, take a look at our general instructions for embedding the scheduler into your website.
โ€‹Note: These instructions require a Schedulista account. If you don't have one, you can sign up for a free trial.


(1) Sign into your Shopify account

(2) On the account homepage, click Online Store in the lefthand menu

(3) Select Pages from the Online Store menu

(4a) Click on an existing page in the list; or

(4b) Click the Add Page button in the upper right

(5) Enter a title for your new page

(6) In the Content field, click the HTML (< >) button

(7) In another browser window, go to the Add to your Website page in your Schedulista Settings

(8) Copy the HTML code in the Embed your scheduler in a website (as a widget) section

(9) Back in Shopify, paste the HTML code into the Content field

(10) Click the HTML (< >) button again to return to the page editor

You should see a preview of the scheduler in the Content field now. Continue to edit your page as you'd like.

(11) Click the Save button in the upper right when you are done

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