Schedulista integrates with Stripe to accept payments. This gives you two options:

  • Require Payment - Lets you charge a credit card automatically when a client books an appointment
  • Credit Card Capture - Lets you take a credit card at the time your client schedules an appointment without charging them. You can charge the client for services at a later time, or charge them fees for violating your cancellation policy or no--shows, if necessary.

Note: Stripe has no sign-up fee and no monthly charge.

Connecting Schedulista to Stripe

First, you'll need to create and connect your Stripe account to your Schedulista account.

(1) Go to Settings > Payments

(2) Click the Connect with Stripe button

You will be presented with Stripe's sign-up page. You can either:

(3a) Click the Sign in link in the upper right if you already have a Stripe account; or

(3b) Fill out the one-page application to create a new Stripe account

Enabling payments / credit card capture

After you sign up with Stripe in the previous step, you will be redirected back to the Payments settings page in Schedulista. Your Stripe account will now be connected.

(1) The next step is to select your default setting for all services:

  • Require payment and capture card
  • Capture credit card
  • Don't ask for credit card

(2) Click Save to enable your setting

Alternatively, you can override credit card capture on a per service basis (see the next section).

Overriding credit card settings per service

Visit the Services / Classes / Events settings page to override credit card settings on a per service basis.

(1) Click the Edit link next to the service you are interested in changing

(2) On the service details page, scroll down to the Service Overrides section

(3) Select Override and then choose the payment option for the service from the drop-down menu:

  • Require payment and capture card
  • Capture credit card
  • Don't ask for credit card

(4) Click Save at the bottom of the page

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