If you'd like to view your appointments in your Google Calendar without setting up the two-way Google Calendar synchronization, you can subscribe to your Schedulista calendar's iCal feed.

This also allows you to share your calendar with other Google Calendars.

Note: Without the two-way sync, Google Calendar appointments will not appear on your Schedulista calendar and will not block out time on your schedule.

Subscribing on Google Calendar

(1) Turn on your iCal feed in Schedulista (instructions)

(2) Go to calendar.google.com (and sign into your account if you aren't already)

(3) Click the down arrow next to the Other Calendars category on your list of calendars on the left for an option menu

(4) Select Add by URL from the menu

(5) In the URL field, type or paste the iCal feed address from Schedulista

Note: Your feed address ends in .ics

(6) Click the Add Calendar button

Note: The new calendar should appear within a few seconds, but it might take a few minutes for the Schedulista appointments to populate.

You can select options for your new calendar by clicking the down arrow next to the new calendar on the list. You can select which color you would like to represent the calendar in your Google Calendar view. In Calendar settings, you can update the name. of the new calendar.

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