Disabling provider email notifications

Turn off provider email notifications for your business account

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Schedulista helps to simplify your business operations by taking appointment scheduling out of your hands to free you up to do other things.

To aid with the business, we notify you by email when clients book or cancel online. You can disable this for your business account if you don't wish to receive the email notifications.

You can also enable only push notifications to your phone via the Schedulista mobile app, if you prefer. You can also send email notifications to a single email address instead of to each provider, if you need.

By default, each provider on a business account will be sent email notification whenever a client books, cancels, or reschedules an appointment online. The notification is sent to the email address used to log into their user account.

Email notifications can be disabled for the entire business account but not by individual user account.

(1) Go to Settings > Communications

(2) Scroll down to the Business Appointment Notifications section

(3) Click the green Yes button next to Send notifications to the service provider to change it to No

(4) Click Save at the bottom of the page

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