Your account is set in your local time zone. If you have clients in a different time zone, they can adjust the available appointment times in the scheduler to display in their local time zone.

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Appointment times in another time zone

Appointment times will always correspond to your availability, even when a client adjusts appointment times to their local time zone in the scheduler.

e.g., if the default time zone for your business is Pacific Time and the client changes the time zone in the online scheduler to Eastern Time, a 1:00 pm PT appointment you offer will appear as a 4:00 pm ET appointment time to that client. If they book it, it will appear as a 1:00 pm appointment on your calendar.

If a client adjusts the time zone in the online scheduler, they will receive confirmation and reminder emails (and text reminders, if they opt in) with appointment times in their local time zone. You will receive appointment notifications with appointment times in your default time zone.

How clients can change their time zone

A client can select the date and time of their appointment from the list of available times. Below the date the client selects is the indication of which time zone the available times are in. This defaults to the time zone set in your account.

The client can click the change link to select their local time zone.

Once their local time zone is chosen, the appointment times displayed will adjust.

The client can now select the time they want and schedule the appointment.

What you see

When you view an appointment on your calendar where the client has changed their time zone, you will see a note below the client's contact information.

This note will also appear in the appointment notification email you receive.

How you can change a client's time zone

You can adjust a client's time zone on their client record.

(1) On the Clients tab, click the Edit button next to the client record to bring up the full details

(2) On the Edit Client window, scroll down to the Time zone menu

Note: "Default" uses the time zone set for your account.

(3) From the drop-down menu, select the client's local time zone

(4) Click Save

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