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How to review Schedulista in Wix

Share your experience with the Wix Schedulista app

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For Wix users, you can add Schedulista to your website with ease using the Schedulista Bookings app, a pre-built element available through the App Market in your Wix site editor.

Like most of our customers, our business relies upon positive word of mouth to grow. Reviews for the app in the Wix App Market provide an opportunity to share your experience. A few nice words would really help!

To add a review in Wix

(2) Scroll down to the Reviews section

(3) Click the Share your feedback link

Note: If you are not already signed in to Wix, it will prompt you to sign into your account before you can review.

(4) Rate the app, enter a title for your review, and offer a review in the field

(5) Click the Post Review button

Thanks so much!

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