You can embed a scheduler on your website so your clients can book appointments without having to leave your site. The scheduler can be embedded on nearly every site that allows you to edit or add the HTML code of the site.

We also have special guides for a number of website builders.

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  • Note on embedding a scheduler
  • Embedding the scheduler on your website
  • Embedding the scheduler on Business site using HTML

Note on embedding a scheduler

More information: How should I add scheduling to my website?

This is an advanced feature and requires editing your website's HTML.  If you have a web designer, email them the HTML code for the scheduler widget and a link to these instructions.

Before you start, you should read "Should I embed the scheduler widget to my website?" to determine if embedding the scheduler is your best option.

Embedding the scheduler on your website

To embed the scheduler on a website, you'll need to copy the code for the scheduler widget into your web site's HTML. 

(1) Go to Settings > Add to your website

(2) Scroll down to the Embed your scheduler in a website (as a widget) section

(3) Copy the HTML code to your clipboard

(4) Paste the code into the HTML of the page of your website where you want the widget to appear

Embedding the scheduler on a Business site using HTML

More information: Schedulista WordPress plugin

To embed your scheduler on a site using HTML code, you must have a subscription to the Business Plan.  HTML code limitations prevent the widget code from working on sites on the Premium, Personal, or Free plans.

On a Business site, use the HTML text editor for the page where you'd like to embed the scheduler.  Then, follow the instructions above.

Note: You can also use this method to embed the scheduler on a site.

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