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How Schedulista users can contact Stripe for support
How Schedulista users can contact Stripe for support

24x7 support by email, chat, or phone for Schedulista users with Stripe accounts

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Schedulista integrates payment processing services from Stripe to offer businesses the ability to take payments when clients book appointments, classes, or events online.*

You are not required to take payments, if you prefer. If you choose to, Schedulista only directly integrates with Stripe as the processor at this time.ย 

For support with payments or payouts (transfers to your associated bank account), you must contact Stripe directly through your Stripe account.

* Stripe and the ability to take payments are not available in every country. You can see supported countries here.

Note about Stripe support contact

For your security and privacy, you must be signed into your Stripe account for Stripe to authenticate your communication to discuss any specific details about your account.

Schedulista relationship with Stripe

Stripe is a separate third-party service. When you sign up with Stripe, you create a separate relationship from your Schedulista account and subscription.

All payment processing and fund transfers are done by Stripe. Schedulista has no access to funds and does not take a cut from any payments.

While Schedulista integrates Stripe's services, we are otherwise unaffiliated with Stripe as a company. We can offer aid with the software integration of Stripe with Schedulista, but for your security, we are not able to speak with Stripe on any specifics of your Stripe account.

Contacting Stripe support

When signed into your Stripe account, you can contact Stripe Support in three ways: send an authenticated email message, online chat with a support representative, or request for Stripe support to contact you by phone.

(1) Sign into your account at

(2) Click on the Help (Question Mark) icon in the top right of your dashboard

(3) Select Support articles from the drop-down menu

(4) On the Support page, click the Contact support link on the bottom right

(5) In the Stripe Support pop-up message window on the right, you can select:

  • Chat with support for an online conversation

  • Have us call you to leave your phone number and have Stripe support contact you by phone

  • Send us an email to send an authenticated message

Each option lists the current expected wait time for response.

Note: Not all contact options may be available in every supported country.

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