Schedulista's automated confirmation and reminder emails provide clients with the basic appointment information for their records. An online summary page with this information can also be accessed from the optional text/SMS appointment reminders.

You may have added a general custom message or a custom message override for a specific service to the emails and the appointment summary page to provide additional information.

When trying to edit a custom message, remove a service from a custom message, or remove a custom message override you no longer need, you might find that the Confirmations, Reminders, Notifications page in settings won't save.

If you have an open specific service custom message override without a service attached to it, the page will not save. The follow message will appear at the top of the page.

Scroll down to the Custom Message section and locate the custom message override without a service added to it. The Select Services field will state Select services.

To save the page, you'll need to add at least one service to the override or click the Delete button next to the override to remove it.

Once all overrides have at least one service, or you've removed the override without a service, the page will save.

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