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Select the language for your online scheduler

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Schedulista is available worldwide wherever you and your clients have internet access. If your clients are non-English speaking, you can change the language of the online scheduler and client communications.

Benefits of changing the scheduler language

  • The scheduler is currently available in the following languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish

  • Changes all language in the client-facing online scheduler, including page headers and the schedule appointment button

  • Changes all language in the appointment confirmation & reminder emails and text (SMS) appointment reminders (if available) sent to clients

  • Additional languages will be added periodically and can be requested

Example schedulers

Check out example schedulers below:

What changes and what doesn't change

Changing the scheduler language updates only what your clients see: the online scheduler and the client notifications (confirmation & reminder emails; text/SMS reminders).

The rest of the product (the part that you see) does not change and will remain in English. This includes: your account dashboard, including the calendar and settings; the mobile app; and the provider notifications.

Changing your scheduler language

(1) Go to Settings > Scheduler (design)

(2) Click on the Language tab

Note: If you are using the Schedulista app on Wix, you can change your scheduler language here.

(3) Select your language from the drop-down menu

(4) Click Save

Note on time format with language selection

Appointment times will be presented in either 12-hour or 24-hour time format depending on the language chosen and the dominant format in the country set in your Business Details.

Languages in 12-hour format (12:00 a.m - 11:59 p.m.)
Spanish (only Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia)

Languages in 24-hour format (0:00 - 23:59)
English (United Kingdom, elsewhere depending on the country)

Spanish (excluding Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia)

Additional languages

We will be periodically updating this feature with new languages. If you'd like to have Schedulista translated into another language, let us know by sending a request to

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