All client payments through Schedulista are processed and collected by Stripe and then transferred to the bank account you've set on your Stripe account. How often those funds are paid out depends on the country, as well as the industry, you are in.

You can read more about the automatic payout schedule from Stripe here.

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  • Higher-risk industries 

  • Checking on payments and payouts through Stripe

First payment

You should expect your first bundled payout within 7-10 days after your first successful payment is received during scheduling.

Common payout schedules

These payout schedules are current as of August 2019.  You can check with Stripe on their most current payout information here.

Payouts are made daily by checking the overall balance of your Stripe account.

After your first successful payment is received and paid out, payouts will occur on a regular rolling schedule every certain number of days based on your location.  The majority of countries are on a 7-day rolling schedule.

Most banks will make funds from payouts available as soon as they are received.  Some banks may take extra days to post funds to your account.  Check with your bank on their specific deposit availability process.

2-day rolling schedule

Countries: Australia, United States (except businesses in higher-risk industries)

Payouts containing payments processed 2 business days prior.  Weekend days do not count as business days.

e.g. Payment made and processed on Tuesday will be transferred by Thursday.  Payment made on Saturday or Sunday will be processed on Monday and transferred by Wednesday.

4-day rolling schedule

Countries: New Zealand

Payouts containing payments processed 4 business days prior.  Weekend days do not count as business days.

e.g. Payment made and processed on Monday will be transferred by Friday.

7-day rolling schedule

Countries: All countries except Japan and high-risk businesses in Australia or U.S.

Payouts containing payments processed 7 days prior

e.g. Payment made and processed on Monday will be transferred by the following Monday.

30-day rolling schedule

Countries: Brazil

Payouts containing payments processed at least 30 days prior.

e.g. Payment made and processed on July 1 will be transferred on July 31st.

Weekly schedule - Japan

Countries: Japan

Payouts are made weekly and contain payments received and processed between 4-11 days prior.  Weekly payout day can be selected.

e.g. If Wednesday is the selected payout day, payments processed between Sunday and Saturday are paid out the following Wednesday. 

Fixed weekly or monthly schedules

Countries: All countries

Payouts can be fixed to the same day of the week on a weekly schedule or the same day of the month on a monthly schedule.  Any payment set between the 29th-31st day will pay on the last day of a shorter month.  (e.g. February 28th)

Note: A fixed schedule does not change the standard availability of payouts per each country and industry.  If it would normally take 2 days for funds to become available, it will still take that time on a fixed schedule.  If Friday is your fixed weekly payout day, a payment on Thursday would transfer in the payout on Friday of the following week.

Higher-risk industries

Some business industries are considered higher risk for the possibility of fraudulent activity.  High-risk businesses in Australia and the U.S. will remain on the 7-day rolling payout schedule while Stripe monitors business activity for a short period to evaluate the risk.  Some high-risk businesses may qualify for the 2-day rolling schedule.

You can contact Stripe to check on the risk status of your business.

Checking on payments and payouts through Stripe

You can review a list of your payouts through your Stripe account dashboard. 

(1) Sign into your Stripe account

(2) On your Stripe dashboard, click on Balance on the menu on the left

For any questions regarding payments and payouts, you can contact Stripe support directly through your account dashboard.

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