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Viewing & editing custom field data
Viewing & editing custom field data

Where you will see responses to your custom fields

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The answers to any questions asked in your custom fields will appear in the full appointment details on your calendar.

Contents in this article:

  • Viewing custom field data

  • Editing custom field data

Viewing custom field data

Click on the appointment on your calendar to edit/view full details.

Responses to your custom fields will appear below the client contact information.

Note: For the single checkbox custom field, a "True" response means that the box was checked by the client during scheduling.

Editing custom field data

To make changes or additions to any answers provided by your client, you can click on the green pencil at the end of the custom field data entry.

Note: You can use this method to enter data in custom fields you have hidden from the scheduler but appear on the appointment details.

This will open the text field to edit. Click outside of the text field to stop editing.

Make sure to click Save on the appointment to save any changes to the custom field data.

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