For Wix users, you can add Schedulista to your website with ease using the Schedulista app. Your Schedulista subscription will be handled through Wix billing.

Adding the Schedulista app to your Wix site

(1) Sign into your Wix account and edit your site

(2) From the Pages menu, select the page on your site you would like to add the embedded scheduler

(3) Go to the App Market and search for the "Book Appointments Online" app by Schedulista

Best search terms: Schedulista, booking, scheduling

(4) Click Add to Site

(5) In the new app dialog, click Add App

This will place the embedded scheduler on your page. You can move the scheduler around to your preferred location.

Note: The scheduler will be a demonstration version with the following header image.

(6) Doubleclick the embedded scheduler on your page for the Settings menu

(7a) If you have an existing Schedulista account, click the "Connect account" link

and sign in to connect; or

(7b) Click the Create account button to start a new Schedulista account to connect to the app

Managing your Schedulista account

To maintain or make changes to your Schedulista account, you can access your account dashboard in two ways:

(1) Go to and click "Sign In" at the top right of the page; or

(2) Doubleclick the embedded scheduler in your Wix site editor for the Settings menu, and click the "Manage Schedulista" button

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