Using the Schedulista app in Wix, you can only connect your account to one Wix site. You can add schedulers from additional accounts to your single Wix site by embedding the scheduler through HTML code.

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  • Adding an additional scheduler to your Wix site

Note on multiple schedulers

You can embed as many schedulers on your Wix site as you like, but we recommend only adding one scheduler per page on your site for optimal performance.

Adding an additional scheduler to your Wix site

(1) Sign into your Wix account and edit your site

(2) Select the page where you'd like to add the additional scheduler

(3) Click the Add (+) button on the edit menu on the left

(4) Select More from the menu

(5) Click on the green HTML iframe button

A grey box for the HTML element will be added to your site.

(6) Click on the Enter Code button above the grey box to bring up the HTML iframe settings menu

(7) In Schedulista, go to the Add to your website settings page of your additional account

(8) Copy the HTML code in the Embed your scheduler in a website (as a widget) section to your clipboard

(9) Back on your Wix site, paste the scheduler code into the Add your code here (HTTPS only) field on the HTML iframe settings menu

(10) Click the Apply button

Note: The Apply button may change to an Update button. Clicking the Update button does the same function.

The additional scheduler will now appear on a separate page of your Wix site.

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