Through Stripe, you can send receipts to clients for any service appointment they pay for. You can also send a receipt for any potential refunds.

Note: Receipts are a feature of Stripe not Schedulista and must be set in your Stripe account.

Enabling client receipts in Stripe

(1) Go to and sign into your account

(2) On your Stripe dashboard, click Business Settings on the menu on the left

(3) On the Business Settings page, click on Email Receipts from the menu

(4) On the Email Receipts settings page, check the Successful payments box to send clients receipts when they pay

(5) (optional) Check the Refunds box to send clients receipts when they are issued a refund on a payment

(6) (optional) Select your Receipt language from the drop-down menu

Note: Languages currently supported by Stripe are English, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian.

(7) Click Save

(8) You will be asked to enter your account password to authenticate and save the changes

Clients will be sent receipts for payment or refund within minutes of the transaction.

Customize your receipts

Stripe gives you the ability to customize the color of the header on your receipts to match your business. You can also add an icon or business logo.

Note: You will be asked to enter your account password to authenticate and save any changes.

(1) Click on the Icon image to add your own logo or photo

(2) Enter the hex code (e.g., #ff0000) of the business color you would like to use

Note: You can match this to the hex code of the accent color of your scheduler, which can be found on your Scheduler settings page. For embedded schedulers, click the Widget tab

(3) Click the send test email button to send an example of the custom receipt

(4) Your account email address will be the default to send the test. You can change this or add additional email addresses separated by commas.

(5) Click Send

When you are satisfied with your email, you are set.

(6) Click Save design

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