All payments and transfers are processed through Stripe. For payment support, you must contact Stripe directly.

Stripe must authenticate your communication to discuss any specific details about your account.

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  • Contacting Stripe support
  • Locating Stripe support contact through your dashboard
  • Chatting with Stripe support

Contacting Stripe support

You can contact Stripe support directly through authenticated message here.

You will need to be signed into your Stripe account. If you are not, it will prompt you to sign in.

Locating Stripe support contact through your dashboard

(1) Sign into your account at

(2) Click on the Book icon in the upper right of your dashboard

(3) Select Support from the drop-down menu

(4) Click the Contact us link under Can't find your answer? on the support page

(5) Fill in the contact form

(6) Click Send

Chatting with Stripe support

When signed into your Stripe account, you will also have the option to chat with a support representative. On the Support page, click the Chat with us button in the lower right corner.

In the chat window, enter your name and ask a question to start the chat.

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