For Wix users, your Schedulista subscription is typically handled through Wix billing. You can subscribe directly through your Wix site editor.

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Subscribing to Schedulista through Wix

(1) Sign into your Wix account and edit your site

(2) Select the page on your site with the Schedulista app/embedded scheduler

(3) Click on the embedded scheduler to bring up three action buttons

Note: These buttons might appear above or below the scheduler depending on its position on your page

(4) Click on the crown button

(5) In the new pop-up dialog, click the Upgrade Now button

(6) Follow the on-screen steps to set up billing and complete your subscription


At this time, Wix billing does not support the Schedulista multi-user plan. If you would like to upgrade to the multi-user plan, you can switch to Schedulista direct billing.

Note: The Schedulista app in Wix will continue to work with a multi-user account

Learn more about switching billing systems here.

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