For Wix users, your Schedulista subscription is typically handled through Wix billing. You can subscribe directly through your Wix site editor.

Subscribing to Schedulista through Wix

(1) Sign into your Wix account and edit your site

(2) Select the page on your site with the Schedulista app/embedded scheduler

(3) Click on the embedded scheduler to bring up three action buttons

Note: These buttons might appear above or below the scheduler depending on its position on your page

(4) Click on the crown button

(5) In the new pop-up dialog, click the "Upgrade Now" button

(6) Follow the on-screen steps to set up billing and complete your subscription


At this time, Wix billing does not support the Schedulista multi-user plan. If you would like to upgrade to the multi-user plan, you can switch to Schedulista direct billing.

Note: The Schedulista app in Wix will continue to work with a multi-user account

Learn more about switching billing systems here.

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