Our webhook API has not been publicly released. You can request access by emailing us at support@schedulista.com.

The API is an alpha release and is subject to change.

The API is compatible with Zapier.

Current limitations

  • Single webhook url. 
  • The only event currently is appointment scheduled. If you want to hook other events (e.g. client added or appointment rescheduled), please let us know.
  • HTTP POST only.
  • No data validation signature.

Entering your webhook URL

You can enter your webhook URL on the business settings page.

Webhook payload

We perform an HTTP POST with the following JSON payload each time an appointment is scheduled. (note, if an appointment is scheduled via the calendar, there is a 1-minute delay for the webhook).

  "occurred_at": "2017-10-16T16:13:54-0700",
  "event_type": "appointment:scheduled",
  "appointment": {
    "id": "a1079318069@schedulista.com",
    "time": "2017-10-16T04:30:00-0700",
    "duration": 120,
    "service": {
      "name": "Women's Haircut & Style"
    "client": {
      "first_name": "Felix",
      "last_name": "Livni",
      "email": "support@schedulista.com",
      "phone": "+18004191672"

  • appointment.id is a unique identifier for the appointment
  • appointment.time is the time of the appointment
  • appointment.duration is the length of the appointment in minutes
  • appointment.client is the most recently added / updated client for this appointment. In the future we plan to list appointment attendees for appointments that are classes.
  • All times are ISO 8601 format with a time offset that matches the time zone offset of the business (at that time). 

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