Schedulista keeps client records for you to easily reference their appointment history, as well as allow you to set appointments for existing clients without having to re-enter their information. Access your client records on the Clients page on the web dashboard or the Clients tab in the Schedulista mobile app.

You can import a file of your clients to easily and quickly fill your client list.

While you are able to manually add clients to your list through the mobile app, mass import by file must be done through your web dashboard.

To add contacts from your iPhone or Android phone as clients, you'll need to export your contacts to a file. The file must be in CSV (comma separated values) format to import into Schedulista.

Exporting your iPhone contacts

iPhone contacts will be exported in vCard (.vcf) format file. You must convert the VCF file to CSV.

(1) On your iPhone, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud

(2) Toggle Contacts on

(3) Tap Merge

(4) On a desktop or laptop, visit and sign in

(5) Select Contacts

(6) Click the Settings gear icon and select Export vCard

(7) Save the VCF file

You'll need to find a file converter online to convert the VCF file to CSV format. Once converted, you can follow these steps to import into Schedulista.

Exporting your Android (Google) contacts

Google syncs your Android phone contacts with your Google account online.

(1) Go to

(2) Click Export on the menu

(3) On the Export contacts dialog, under Export as, select Google CSV

(4) Click Export to save the file

Once the file is saved, you can follow these steps to import into Schedulista.

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