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Integrating the scheduler into a custom flow
Integrating the scheduler into a custom flow
Direct clients with a link after they finish scheduling
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By setting up a link on the appointment summary page, you can redirect clients to a different page on your website or to another website once they've finished scheduling, if necessary. This custom flow allows you to integrate scheduling into a specific customer experience.

Integrating your scheduler into a flow

Adding a query string (everything following the question mark [?]) to the scheduler URL will define the behavior of the scheduler in the custom flow.

(1) Go to Settings > Let clients know

(2) Copy the URL for your scheduler

(3) Add a forward slash (/) and then a question mark (?) to the end of your URL

(4) Add parameters of the query string (see below), separated by an ampersand (&)

URL parameters

Parameters are passed as part of the URL query string in the same way as described here. All parameters are optional, but if added, parameters must be URL-encoded.

The flow parameters are:

  • rt_url -- The return URL

  • rt_text (optional) -- The anchor text (highlighted in the screenshot below) 

Note: To create a space in the text, add a plus (+) sign between words. 


Our demo hair salon wants to direct clients to a page on their site after the client schedules their appointment. Adding a query string to the salon's scheduler URL will create a link to the custom site page on the appointment summary page.

The URL will look like this:

What clients will see

Clients will see this on the summary page:

Using the scheduler widget in a custom flow

You can use the custom flow URL for the scheduler widget you embed on your own website in the HTML code for the widget.

You would replace the standard scheduler source ("src") URL for the iframe with the custom flow URL (in bold below).



Using the Schedule Now button in a custom flow

A Schedule Now button allows you to link clients from your site to the scheduling page we've created for your account.

For the button in a custom flow, you would replace the reference ("href") URL for the link with the custom flow URL (in bold below).



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