Each user on a Schedulista business account can have their own login to access the account.

You can change the login email address associated with your user account at any time.

Note about changing login email address

If your login email address is attached to multiple user accounts on the same business account, updating the email address on one will change it on all associated user accounts. If you just need to change it on one, you'll need to separate the user account from the email address first. See more on how to do that here.

If your login email address is attached to multiple user accounts on more than one business account, the "change" option will not be available. You'll need to have someone else with administrator level of access on the account make the change, or contact us directly at support@schedulista.com to help.


Changing your email address

A changed email address will need to be confirmed to make the change active and permanent.

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2) Click Edit next to the user account you wish to edit

(3) Under the User Account section, click the change link next to your current email address

(4) Enter your new email address in the Change email dialog that pops up

(5) Click Confirm

Address change confirmation email

To confirm the change in address, an email will be sent to the new email address. This email will contain an link that you will need to click to confirm the change.

Note: If the change is not confirmed, it will remain in a "pending"
status and the original email address will still have to be used to
sign in.

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