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How do I reset a pending email change?

Starting fresh on a user account login change

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More information: Changing your login email address

You can change the email address associated with your Schedulista user account at any time. 

When the address is changed, an email is sent to the new address with a confirmation link to make the change permanent. If the change is not confirmed, the original email address will remain as the login.

If needed, you can reset a pending change to re-send the confirmation email again.

Contents in this article:

  • Reset pending change

  • Reset email address for multi-user accounts

Reset pending change

If you are unable to locate the change confirmation email -- check your junk or spam folder -- or the link doesn't work and you can't confirm the change, you'll want to reset your email change.

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2) Click Edit next to the user account with the pending email address change

(3) Click the change link next to or below the pending email address

(4) Enter your original email address in the Change email dialog that pops up

(5) Click Confirm

Then, you can go back through the address change steps here.

Reset email address for multi-user accounts

If you are unable to get your email address to change, you can reset your account by removing your existing address and then adding the new address like a new account.  Learn how to reset an email address here.

Note: This option won't be available if you are a single user, or if you are an admin on a multi-user account trying to change your own email address.  Another account admin will have to reset the address for you.

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