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Customizing the headers in your online scheduler
Customizing the headers in your online scheduler

How to update the heading titles on each page of the scheduler

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Schedulista provides a public scheduling page for your business account that clients can visit to book appointments with you. You can also embed the scheduler on a website, if you prefer.

You can customize the header at the top of each part of the scheduler to better fit your business and help guide your clients through booking their appointment.

Default header titles

On each page of the online scheduler, a header introduces and directs your clients to the action taken on the page.

  • CHOOSE A SERVICE TO SCHEDULE - Presents your list of available services to book online

  • CHOOSE PROVIDER - For multi-user accounts, this page appears when more than one user provides the service selected

  • CHOOSE A DATE & TIME - Directs clients to select their appointment time on the calendar of available dates and times

  • YOUR DETAILS - The scheduling/booking details form where clients enter their name, contact information, credit card information (if you're taking payments online), and potentially answer any custom fields you've added

Customizing the headers

Each header is a single line of text with up to 50 characters.

(1) On the mobile app (version 7.3 or above): Tap on Client Scheduler under the Configure section on the Settings tab

On the web app: Go to Settings > Client Scheduler

(2) Tap or click on the Language tab

(3) Next to Customize, tap or click the No button to change it to Yes and enable

(4) Enter your custom titles in each field

Note: You're not required to fill each field. You can can change 
only the fields you need.

(5) On the mobile app: Tap Save at the bottom of the page, then tap Done at the top of the page to return to the Settings tab

On the web app: Click Save

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